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Keep Your Automobile Safe

If you thought we carried a varied selection of items to keep our customers happy, you haven't heard the last of it! Along with home improvement items like housewares, heating and cooling provisions, and plumbing equipment, we also carry a selection of automotive supplies. Ochs Building Supply Inc. wants to make sure your mode of transportation is well maintained so you can make it around Lucinda, Pennsylvania. Our engine lubricants, oil, and fuel amendments can do just that.

Proper Maintenance Is Important

Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. To keep it running safe for you and your passengers, maintenance is a must. If you are not experienced in the process of vehicle upkeep, one of our amazing team members can help! Our employees are incredibly helpful in a number of different areas. They are able to listen to your issues and help find an adequate product to keep your car purring and possibly prevent future problems from occurring.

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