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Panel Nails

Secure Your Work

Whether you are building a house or a flowerbed, you need the correct fasteners to ensure your work is long lasting. Ochs Building Supply Inc. in Lucinda, Pennsylvania, proudly sells an array of nails, screws, and other fasteners ideal for whatever you may be working on.

Buy a Little, Buy a Lot

From fasteners used for pneumatic tools to simple nuts and bolts, we have you covered. We proudly offer these products available to purchase in bulk or by the box to make sure you get exactly what you need. If you are unsure the style you need, ask one of our well-informed employees. After telling them what you're working on and what tools you're using, they can match you up with the correct fasteners to keep your project secure. After your work is completed, slap on a coat of paint, available in our paint and sundries department.

Perfect for Any Material You're Working With

No matter the substance you are fastening, we've got the screws you need! Buy fasteners for wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and more! We have what you request at Ochs Building Supply Inc.