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Equip Your Home with the Essentials

At Ochs Building Supply Inc., we want to make sure every aspect of your project is covered. This is why we sell widely diverse products to better serve our customers. Making this your one-stop shop is important, whether you are a homeowner fixing your property, a contractor building one, or simply a DIYer. In our general hardware section, you will find even the smallest items you need to make your project complete. Looking to vamp-up your home even further? Check out our housewares!

Building Hardware

At our store in Lucinda, Pennsylvania, you can also find a bevy of building hardware and supplies. Ideal for builders and contractors, this selection will make sure every area of what you are creating is complete and up to code.

Power Tools


Hardware Available:

• Door Hinges
• Door Knobs
• Lock Sets
• Angle Irons
• Joist Hangers
• Ropes & Chains by the Foot

Building Supplies Available:

• Roofing
• Siding
• Fencing
• Lattice
• Dimensional Lumber
• Pressure Treated Lumber