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Wild Game & Bird Feeds

After you have searched through our hardware and housewares items, take a break and view the birds! Ochs Building Supply Inc. in Lucinda, Pennsylvania, sells bird feed as well as wild game feed. These products have many different uses and benefits. Purchase these items by the bag or jug.

Bird Feeder

Animal Watching

Living in remote areas comes along with a variety of wildlife. These critters, living in their natural habitats, often avoid people making it hard to catch a glimpse of them. Enhance these chances when you put out feed, specified towards their breed. View the animals as they search for the delicious food and enjoy the chance to live amongst them.


If you are looking to catch some deer, birds, or other animals while hunting, this seed can help. This food attracts animals, making it easier for you to place your shot. Take home some dinner tonight after using this amazing feed.